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Kilronan - Alone - A very remote place


July 13
Sights: Inishmoor, the biggest of the Aran Islands (transport by the Ferry Link, a part of Lally, and Island Ferries).
    Ragus, a musical experience performed on Inishmoor.
Main impressions: You can get to Inishmoor in a lot of ways. I chose to get close by bus, and then take a short trip by boat (a kind of sea bus), as I didn't want to get seasick.
    Inishmoor is 9 miles long and 2 miles wide, and 9 miles from the coast of main Ireland. There are only 800 inhabitants. Oh yeah, and the aran sweater was born here.
    The touristy bit: I was overrun by horse-and-buggy combinations when I arrived to the island. But when I wanted to use one, they were all gone! (So I took a walk instead.) Kilronan: I had lunch at a burger bar, I constantly tripped over Japanese tourists, and everybody wanted to hire or sell me something.
    The real attraction: for me, a big part of the day was going alone to Inishmoor. Being alone (picture taken by automatic), especially on a very remote place on a small island was special to me.
    The Ragus was also good. "One hour spectacular show of Irish traditional music, song and dance". And as I like Riverdance, well, I liked this as well.

Recommended: Island Ferries. - Ragus.

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