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My stay in the Los Angeles area wasn't as planned as my stay in the Las Vegas area. But there was one thing, I knew: I wanted to see Paramount, home of the Star Trek franchise, if it was possible. And as they have daily tours, it was indeed possible. And even on short notice: I ended up going on a tour 20 minutes after I arrived at the gate (a combination of being late for a earlier tour, and dumb luck).

So what did I see? Apart from some cool stuff (sets going up and going down, props, backlots, and part of the taping of a show), I saw a few Star Trek related items - yes, they know what people want to see. So there were some pictures, prominently displayed, and by chance the water tank (The Voyage Home) was open, because of some other movie. We also saw some of the original Desilu Studios.

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