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Jay Leno

Almost on a whim, I got a ticket for the show. I know of Jay Leno, even though I don't watch him that often - in fact, I'm not sure you can watch him in Denmark at the moment. But other than that, it was just fun to see the show being taped, and participating a little.

I've been audience to a show before, but this was different. They really want the audience boiling, so they do everything to get us hyped, and then do everything to keep us there. I was surprised by the fact, that the show started, almost without me noticing. I was also surprised by the level of activity during the commercial breaks. In fact, they only stopped once, and that was because an animal had gotten away, and had to be tracked down, and they needed silence to do that. It was a very satisfying evening, and I might do it again, if it fits with my other plans.

Created: 26 May, 2007 - Last changed: 7 June, 2007 - Comments (0)