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Up at around 7.00, this day and the others. And almost immediately we were drawn to the window. Why was there a crowd down there? (Tourists on a sightseeing?) And why did they seal off the street with those strips? (The queen coming by? Somebody threatening to jump off some building?) Never mind, probably not our business. Then we arrived at breakfast. People talked about not being able to leave. A bomb? A bomb threat? The breakfast room had windows facing the street, and the tables there were empty. Getting a bit scary now. After breakfast we called the reception: yes, it was true, nobody could leave the hotel. The news on CNN and BBC didn't leave any doubts: all of London was affected by several bomb threats made by the IRA, and airports, major underground stations and so on were being searched. And as our hotel is nearly on top of Paddington Station, one of the biggest...

Anyway. The facts are that the street, we lived on was affected from 7 to 12. That meant, we couldn't leave at 10 as planned, and were a couple of hours late. On the other hand, it felt like forever, because we didn't know how long it would be. The result was, that I didn't go all the way to Kew Gardens to the Steam Museum at Kew Bridge. It would probably have taken a bit longer than usual to get there. And it would have meant me leaving Obi, and I felt safer with him close by...

Instead we went shopping in Soho. This was Obi's plan for the day, and we went to a place, where he could see some record stores (his main objective was to find Oldfield records), and I could visit Games Workshop (as an old gamer, I'd heard of this place, and wanted to see it for myself). Games Workshop? Big disappointment. Maybe I should have gone to some other, bigger GW, but I'm not sure it exists? Anyway, this was a very small business indeed (the one in Oxford Street), and it took me 2 minutes to get bored. Luckily, there was a scifi shop within sight, and I spent the next half hour there. They had real souvenirs, photos with autographs, original footage and so on. I got a borg key ring, and a t-shirt, that tells people, that all I need to know about life, I've learned from Star Trek... :-)

Then we joined forces again, and went to some more record stores. Obi didn't find that much, and I just found a book with Queen quotes.

And that seemed to be it. We didn't have more energy, and didn't really have time to gain some new energy, so the night ended with us eating deep pan pizza / chicken at the hotel restaurant, and watching some TV.

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