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First stop was Buckingham Palace. We got a hint that it would be smart to go to St.James Park, and take a look at the people involved in changing the guard, rather than going directly to BP. It didn't work out as expected, but even then we got a good look at some of the guards, an orchestra, and a goat! They pack impressive guns, by the way...

Close by we experienced a nice fountain, very flat and close to the ground, water just streaming down the slightly tilted surface, and decorated with maple leaves. Canadian related. Everybody was walking on it, which was very tempting, and I got some nice pictures. And belatedly saw the pleading sign with "Please don't walk on the monument"...

Lunch bought at Pret a Manger (very good sandwiches).

Oldfield reference: lunch eaten at Bedford Square (can't be named after that guy...).

British Museum. Egyptians, I just love them. But by now my feet were complaining almost constantly (4 days of walking took their toll), and I found it hard concentrating. I do remember the Rosetta Stone though. Wow! Then I took some time sitting down, while Obi explored the stone age.

And then it was time for us to go to the airport. We started out from Liverpool Street at 17.00. Dinner was just a whopper jr. At first it seemed the plane would leave earlier than expected. Then it got delayed a bit. And a bit more. Almost an hour later than expected, we could finally get in. Back home, we took a cab to get near our beds as fast as possible, and in the end, we were home at 0.30 (Danish time), also a journey of 6.5 hours.

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