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Dinosaurs - Covent Garden - Mosaics - Ian Braidwood


More shopping for Obi. And this time I went alone to the Natural History Museum. Their exhibition of dinosaurs was beautiful, and taught me a lot. The experience of an earth quake was a novelty, but not that impressive. (Does it really feel like that? I go through worse going to work on the Danish subway!)

Steak & kidney pie for lunch. Not that bad...

Getting together with Obi again. Not any real luck for him this morning either. On to Covent Garden. Nice place to be, atmosphere, live music, small shops (found a book taking place in Neil Gaiman's universe of the Sandman, real cheap at the Banana book store!). But I couldn't find the exhibition on holography. Maybe it's not there anymore. Anyway, I didn't know the place was that large, and I didn't bring the correct address. Bad luck.

St. Pauls Cathedral. Wow! What a place. Big. Impressive. Nice mosaics. (I spent an hour just reading about them and looking at them.) And I stayed for a service, to hear a choir sing here, and enjoyed experiencing how service was done. A bit different from the way I'm used to.

Then we spent the evening with Ian Braidwood, (ex?)-co-founder of The Shining Ones in GB. He introduced us to the Indian food, and we had a pleasant night talking about this and that, and Oldfield of course.

Created: 15 December, 2005 - Last changed: 15 December, 2005 - Comments (2)