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Tower Bridge - Oxo Building


This morning was for sightseeing. That hasty glimpse of the buildings, we've heard about. And with somebody to tell us what we were looking at, and a bit of the history. Like "Ho Chi Minh worked as a pastry chef here"... Anyway, we saw Westminster Abbey, "Big Ben" (actually it's just the bell, that's called Big Ben...), Tower Bridge / of London and so on. A tour of 2.5 hours. (With a bit of a delay, because we passed Buckingham Palace when they changed the guard.)

An obscure Oldfield reference: we also saw the tower of the Oxo building!

Then a walk through Hyde Park, and a glimpse of Royal Albert Hall. (Time to think of Mr.Oldfield again...)

And then on to the Science Museum. It's big, and we didn't take time to see half of it. (I can't spend more than a couple of hours on a museum without getting a headache anyway.) The exhibition about space, with Apollo 10 as the center piece was good. Suddenly somebody came by, claiming to be a crew member of that vessel. His story about what space travel felt like to him (or rather, the person he was impersonating) was the best part here. There's also a good exhibition about computers, but it stops 15 years ago! Ah well, it was fun seeing ancient computers :-)

Oldfield reference: the A.C.Clarke room was also a pleasant surprise. There was a replica of Magellan from The Songs of Distant Earth, but no CD's... Shame on you :-)

This night we were meeting Matthew among others, Australians, friends by email, originally through the Mike Oldfield mailing list. They're in Europe for a couple of months, and we planned our trip to London accordingly. For a couple of reasons, we met later than planned, and just had time to eat at the Aberdeen Steak Houses (steak for us, took a long time to make, and were a bit boring), before we went (ran) to see The Mousetrap. Not star quality in any sense, but interesting. Nice evening!

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