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Season 3

Number / Name Why I liked it
447 / 3:1
The search, part I
A new ship. Brutal!
A crewmember quits.
How long before a place becomes home?
And the orphan finally finds a family.
448 / 3:2
The search, part II
True bonding.
Taking on the physical shape to understand the mind.
Something BIG and scary about to happen.
The family was a disappointment.
449 / 3:3
The house of Quark
Choosing truth/lying for profit. Or respect. Or survival, and honor.
Unemployment. And a loved one wanting to help.
A cowardly businessman the head of a violent warrior family.
Suddenly married.
450 / 3:4
Repressed memory. Embracing it - becoming whole.
A dangerous secret, kept by society.
451 / 3:5
Second skin
I am actually one of my own enemies! With new "friends".
A mystery.
"Total recall".
Not all emenies are enemies.
Good one.
452 / 3:6
The abandoned
Children. Growing up.
The shapechanger, in self-examination.
Not all enemies are enemies.
"You were right."
453 / 3:7
Civil defense
Fighting for life, against a thing. Or, against the enemy?
Paranoia. Hitting oneself - he he.
454 / 3:8
Love. Almost marriage. Leaving friends behind.
A planet, disappearing and reappearing. The body, disappearing and reappearing.
455 / 3:9
Stressed. Forced to slow down.
What is a real terrorist?
Trying desperately to be better than a brother.
456 / 3:10
Love (the O'Brien's). Infatuation (everybody else).
High expectations, disappointed. The "I am tired" quarrel. How wonderfully ordinary.
457 / 3:11
Past tense, part I
Time travel. Reinstating the timelines.
Our crew meets us, almost.
"Dealing" with the unemployed and homeless. Ghetto. Being dealt with - and protesting.
Interesting fashion.
458 / 3:12
Past tense, part II
The captain as terrorist.
A cross section of times. Humor.
459 / 3:13
Life support
A lover dies. Or not. But is willing to die to help others. Should it be allowed? Doing so much to keep him alive, that his personality will change?
Teenage dating. Teenage friendship.
Friendship across cultures.
460 / 3:14
Heart of stone
A willing pupil. A test, of character.
Facing death.
Secretly in love.
Avoiding the lousy career of father, making it better.
A test of loyalty.
461 / 3:15
Working towards peace through scientific cooperation.
Prophecy. Basing your life on religion?
462 / 3:16
Prophet motive
Capitalism and greed. And the opposite.
463 / 3:17
Seeing the future. Existing in 2 versions. (And everybody else relaxed about it!) Of course - seeing ones own death, and trying to avoid it.
"I always investigate Quark."
A bit unusual, facing death 3 times in 15 hours - but apart from that, wonderful!
464 / 3:18
Distant voices
Cute - fear of turning 30.
Alone, hunted, in the dark, old.
Discussing with one's own subpersons.
The fear of succeeding.
A good morale is important when fighting disease.
465 / 3:19
Through the looking glass
Alternative universe.
A chance to meet a dead spouse once more, and save her life this time.
Friends suddenly lovers. Other interesting twists in personality, and charaters.
466 / 3:20
Improbable cause
Murder attempt, at the spy. Only part of a bigger picture. Connected to a war about to start.
A trying to kill B, B trying to save A.
Sent in exile - but accepted back.
467 / 3:21
The die is cast
Genocide, in a first strike war.
The wish to go home.
468 / 3:22
Science is fun. And discovery.
A beautiful spaceship.
Don't give up.
The kids, growing up, moving out...
No big wars. Nobody dies. No sudden falling in love. Nice!
Healing a misunderstanding.
Kontiki, Heyerdahl...
469 / 3:23
Family business
Mother, behaving shamefully.
A blind date.
Male chauvinism.
470 / 3:24
Old friends.
An old rebel, going back to fighting against the government? Represented by - old friends.
Wanting to be right, no matter what.
471 / 3:25
Borrowing the mind of somebody else.
Meeting earlier versions of oneself.
Putting the past to rest.
Taking an exam.
Very good!
472 / 3:26
The adversary
Rather die than start a war.

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