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Season 6

Number / Name Why I liked it
525 / 6:1
A time to stand
Occupation by "friendly forces".
Undercover behind enemy lines. Sabotage.
Fancy windows.
A mathematical genius emerges from the closet.
527 / 6:2
Rocks and shoals
Ship wreck.
Protest, even when it won't change conditions?
Enemies working together, sort of. And allies betrayed. Anything to survice.
526 / 6:3
Sons and daughters
Father and son in the same army.
"Parents" and daughter reunited. The "divorced parents" also reunited?
528 / 6:4
Behind enemy lines
Promoted to a desk job.
Whose side is he on? Is he serene? Or drugged?
529 / 6:5
Favor the bold
A friend and an enemy, making the same unpopular request.
A promotion.
Back into active duty.
The eve of the battle.
530 / 6:6
Sacrifice of angels
Waking up from a dream.
Willing to die to save others.
Deus ex machina. Moses and the river.
A daughter dies. And the megalomaniac father goes mad.
531 / 6:7
You are cordially invited
A wedding. A mother in law.
A wife.
532 / 6:8
Alternate universe. Not dead, but alive. Not spiritual, but violent.
Romance - rekindled.
Seeing the future.
Fame sucks.
533 / 6:9
Statistical probabilities
Genetically engineered. Intelligent and talented. Not suited for an ordinary job. A think tank.
Feeling useful and among friends.
Freedom or life?
"The end is near."
One person can change history.
534 / 6:10
The magnificent Ferengi
Unlikely heroes.
535 / 6:11
The roles of enemies reversed. Enemies - but also polite, understanding...
"I had no choice."
Rather free than alive.
Good and evil.
536 / 6:12
Who mourns for Morn?
A death. Inheritance. Fortune.
"Worthless gold."
538 / 6:13
Far beyond the stars
Overresponsible. Stressed? Hallucinating? Escaping from reality.
Alternative reality. If our people lived in the 1950s, as SF-writers.
Racism. And some excellent reactions against it.
Meta: DS9 wondering whether it's a fantasy.
Very good.
537 / 6:14
One little ship
Miniature people. "Fantastic voyage".
A prisoner, planning escape.
539 / 6:15
Honor among thieves
Spying. Infiltration.
The enemy is also a person. How inconvenient.
540 / 6:16
Change of heart
Romance. A spouse in pain - dying?
Important tactical information, or the life of a spouse?
541 / 6:17
Wrongs darker than death or night
The unpleasant truth about mother.
Time travel.
542 / 6:18
Spying? Interrogation. Suspicion. Imprisonment. "Confess!" And then it was just a test of loyalty?
Repressed memory. Or? How can one be sure?
Confused by a false reality.
The ends and the means...
543 / 6:19
In the pale moonlight
A non-aggression-pact. But it will be betrayed, and we need the other party as an ally, now.
The end justify the means?
A terrible secret.
544 / 6:20
His way
If our crew met Frank Sinatra.
Romance. FInding a way to say those first difficult words.
Suppressing feelings.
Absolute clarity.
545 / 6:21
The reckoning
Vision, prophecy. Religion. Thy will... The big battle between good and evil.
Son of a legend.
Possessed. Chosen.
Beware what you wish for.
546 / 6:22
A ship crewed by young people.
547 / 6:23
Profit and lace
Womens liberation.
If a male crewmember was a female.
548 / 6:24
Time's orphan
Time travel. Fun with time.
A child gone missing. Alone for a long time, regressed. "Tarzan". And then really lose the child? Touching.
549 / 6:25
The sound of her voice
Running and running to save somebody. At first just a voice.
It is good to talk.
Fun with time.
550 / 6:26
Tears of the prophets
Romance. Losing a loved one.
Great Personalities gathering for a Grand Event.
Having to choose between incompatible careers.
A crewmember dies.

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