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Season 4

Number / Name Why I liked it
718 / 4:1
The way of the warrior
A crew transfer!
Having to choose between loyalties.
An unexpected new enemy. A new war?
The captain in love.
Career crisis.
476 / 4:2
The visitor
The kid as he will be in the future, old, grown up, married.
Losing a parent too soon. Not letting go. Never living in the moment.
The captain dies. Or? Skipping ahead in time. Not quite there, not quite gone.
Losing a child too soon! The child dying to save the parent.
Very good!
475 / 4:3
Hippocratic oath
Prisoner. Help the guardians? Escape?
Mutation? (Cure from addiction.)
Hoe to uphold the law. Learning new rules, bending the rules.
Friends, who are also in the chain of command.
477 / 4:4
Trying to save an old friend, and family.
Taking a romantic relationship to the next stage?
Old enemies, laughing together.
Children of relationships between enemies - in trouble on both sides.
478 / 4:5
Meeting an old love again. Resisting. Giving in. Breaking rules? Give up immortality? Do everything for love? Separating - not even saying goodbye.
Lesbians - sort of.
Very good.
480 / 4:6
Little green men
A friend leaving.
Time travel. Our people meeting 1947.
Humans, killing themselves.
479 / 4:7
Starship down
A wounded spaceship, and pockets of the crew fighting, in unusual positions.
How to treat nerds - eh, engineers.
Watching an idol drift away.
Close to a dreamgirl.
481 / 4:8
The sword of Kahless
A treasure hunt. Adventure.
Pass the treasure and its power to the right people, or keep it?
482 / 4:9
Our man Bashir
Everybody gets to play a character in a James Bond movie.
The spy gets to be another kind of spy.
483 / 4:10
Earth/home in danger. Suspicion against the "enemy"/prejudice. On the other hand, not paranoid enough?
The captain transferred.
Father/son relationship.
484 / 4:11
Paradise lost
In defending the planet the society is destroyed. Dictatorship. Treason. Conspiracy.
Getting people to fight themselves.
Creating an enemy.
A neat spacefight.
485 / 4:12
Romance, getting in the way of work. Choosing to give it up.
486 / 4:13
Return to grace
Old enemies, now on the same side.
Fighting against a superior enemy, with brains.
It's good to be a soldier?
487 / 4:14
The sons of Mogh
A brohter. Lost.
Loyalty. Honor. Death/euthanasia.
Loyalties at odds.
A very fast medical beam out.
A new identity.
The Klingon way.
488 / 4:15
Bar association
Union. Strike.
The good old days?
489 / 4:16
Being a religious icon. Willingly?
Suddenly skipping 200 years, having to adjust.
A baby on the way.
Castes. Pre-chosen career.
Being with the family, or with friends?
490 / 4:17
Rules of engagement
The captain as lawyer.
Civilization or instinct?
Interesting flashbacks.
An accident? A trap?
War without civilian losses.
491 / 4:18
Hard time
The far future. No, simulated years. Simulated prison time. The past almost forgotten, the present maybe a dream.
Getting used to life after prison.
Mentally ill. In need of help, but refusing. Suicidal.
Accidentally killing a friend. Guilt. Feeling primitive.
492 / 4:19
Shattered mirror
Alternate timeline. Alternate mother/wife. More violence.
493 / 4:20
The muse
Pregnant, and the father is unreasonable.
Coach for a writer. Sorry, vampire.
A wedding. A love declaration.
Genius traded for long life.
494 / 4:21
For the cause
A loved one on the other side, a traitor? Having to lie to each other.
Terrorist or freedom fighter?
Starting a friendship. The enemy of my friend doesn't have to be an enemy.
A surprise ending.
A great speach at the end.
496 / 4:22
To the death
Cooperating with the enemy.
495 / 4:23
The quickening
A plague, killing everybody. Painfully.
Living to die. Not wanting cures.
Wanting to cure, hastening death instead.
A cure. Sort of.
497 / 4:24
Body parts
A dying crewmember. "I have wasted my life."
Surrogate mother. Gaining a new family.
Killing an enemy. In a very weird way.
Choosing the right basis of life.
498 / 4:25
Broken link
An attack of - what? Disease? The only possibility: to go "home".
A judgement.
Total honesty.
Exile. Losing home, after learning what it really is.

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