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Season 5

Number / Name Why I liked it
499 / 5:1
Apocalypse rising
Our crew as Klingons.
Exposing an impersonator.
Depression, feeling worthless.
500 / 5:2
The ship
Finding an intact enemy ship. And a treasure. The enemy want it back. A siege. Negotiatiors not trusting each other.
A wounded crewmember. Dying. So much death. Was it worth it?
Being the captain.
501 / 5:3
Looking for par'Mach in all the wrong places
In love. And other aspects of love. Love by proxy / Cyrano de Bergerac.
Fighting by proxy!
502 / 5:4
Nor the battle to the strong
A doctor rushing to an emergency, danger. Many wounded. Death. Panic. Guilt. Cowardice. Or courage?
Writing a documentary - then getting involved.
504 / 5:5
The assignment
If the wife became a criminal.
Blackmail. Secrecy.
Ambition. Eagerness.
Fallen angels.
503 / 5:6
Trials and tribble-ations
Time travel.
Tribute to another, classic episode.
If our crew lived a century earlier.
Meeting a legend.
Reference to X-files.
Nice. Good idea.
505 / 5:7
Let he who is without sin...
Romance. Jealousy.
Change society, back to primitive, hard, real life. Development through destruction.
A ceremony for separation.
"I am too strong. I must hold back."
506 / 5:8
Things past
Time travel? And alternate timeline? Flashback?
Being a hero, knowing it is not true.
507 / 5:9
The ascent
The kids grow up.
Friends change - grow apart?
Enemies (?) having to work together.
508 / 5:10
A "Close encounter" moment, playing with food.
A vision: past, future, the meaning of everyting... And then losing the vision.
Finding an ancient city.
How does everyone else react on a visionary, driven by strong beliefs to do abnormal stuff.
When can a relative overrule the will of a sick person?
So good!
509 / 5:11
The darkness and the light
Standing helplessly by as friends die.
Weaker because of a pregnancy.
Revenge. Justified? Won't work.
510 / 5:12
The begotten
Getting an adoptive child. And, a real childbirth.
Should the raising of children be left to mere loving parents?
When a child is also of scientific interest.
Losing a child.
A lost ability regained. A lost relationship reformed.
511 / 5:13
For the uniform
A dangerous traitor.
Personal disappointment, revenge. Using too much energy on a small criminal.
Catching a criminal through deep, psychological knowledge of the criminal.
512 / 5:14
In Purgatory's shadow
An extreme threat - and extreme measures.
Flee from the danger, or stay?
A father, dying.
513 / 5:15
By Inferno's light
Once an enemy, always an enemy?
An impersonator.
Courage is to face fear, and then do it anyway.
514 / 5:16
Dr. Bashir, I presume
Crossover character / actor.
Made immortal. Sort of "here is your life".
The parents. A family secret.
Genetic enhancement. Taboo.
Not taking responsibility.
515 / 5:17
A simple investigation
Romance. For the first time. And then, love lost.
New identity.
516 / 5:18
Business as usual
It Is Wrong to Trade Weapons.
517 / 5:19
Ties of blood and water
A "father", dying.
Valuable secrets. Terrible secrets.
518 / 5:20
Ferengi love songs
519 / 5:21
Soldiers of the empire
Honor, common sense, cowardice...
Strength from song. Strength through fight.
520 / 5:22
Children of time
Fun with time. Meeting descendants.
Having to choose death for some, so that others may live. Facing death. Survivors guilt.
521 / 5:23
Blaze of glory
Enemies, different opinions. Who's right?
Enemies helping each other.
Fighting for a lost cause.
522 / 5:24
Empok nor
A friend turning enemy.
Once a soldier, always a soldier?
523 / 5:25
In the cards
A son trying to help a depressed father.
Eternal life.
Mad scientist.
Doing good for others helps in unexpected ways.
524 / 5:26
Call to arms
A fancy minefield.
B5 (war may be our only hope).
"I must officially protest..." Nicely "just doing what I've been ordered to".
A battle lost?

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