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Season 3

Number / Name Why I liked it
146 / 3:1
Basics, part II
Against staggering odds.
Learning not to be violent - and then needing to go back.
145 / 3:2
Visit from an old star!
Flashback to a very old memory.
Wishing to experience the glorious past.
147 / 3:3
The chute
Prison. Escape.
Irritated. Controlling the irritation.
Messiah. Or crazy?
Everybody on their own. Or not.
149 / 3:4
The swarm
Memory loss. Losing 2 years? Becoming childlike.
Meeting father. Who is disappointed. But saves sonny.
Development is good.
The bee is small, but the swarm is ferocious.
144 / 3:5
False profits
Our crew meets the bronze age.
A possible way going the long way home, fast.
Religion turned into capitalism.
Fulfilling prophecy.
148 / 3:6
Reliving somebody else's memories.
Telepathy, of knowledge.
The right to choose.
The truth.
Genocide. Holocaust.
Is progress good?
Learn from history.
143 / 3:7
Sacred ground
Religion. Respecting it? Faith. Leap of faith.
Spirit quest. A guide.
150 / 3:8
Future's end
Time travel.
Our crew meets - today.
Contaminating the past.
151 / 3:9
Future's end, part II
From "prison" to freedom.
152 / 3:10
A relationship ending.
A meak woman masculine and commanding.
Possession. Death of the host?
A coup.
Hunger for power.
A victory, but with as few deaths as possible.
153 / 3:11
The Q and the grey
Getting a child? A messiah. Raising a child.
Our crew meets the American civil war. And ends it.
Doing the hard work.
154 / 3:12
The ship taken over by a super size virus.
The captain in Rambo / Bruce Willis mode.
156 / 3:13
Fair trade
Career crisis.
Dealing in drugs.
Easily dragged into old, illegal behavior.
155 / 3:14
Alter ego
Romance. One-way love.
Giving temporary beauty a longer life.
158 / 3:15
Crewmembers dying.
Time loop.
The afterlife.
The captains father.
157 / 3:16
Blood fever
The unemotional one urgently drawn to mating. And the temperamental one in overdrive.
Doing it alone.
The loverboy refusing to mate with a friend. Bravo!
A feared enemy lurking.
Very good!
159 / 3:17
The ideal society?
Collective consciousness.
161 / 3:18
Personal development.
Romance. Love triangle.
The good doctor turned evil - Dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde. And doctors can be evil in very interesting ways.
Hostage. Negotiating.
160 / 3:19
An elevator to the sky.
Logic or intuition?
Mysterious weapons. A murder. Invasion.
162 / 3:20
Favorite son
Deja vu? Intuition?
Guilt and doubt.
The long lost child finally home.
The male dies after mating.
Feeling special.
163 / 3:21
Before and after
Fun with time - past & future. Going backwards.
Marriages. Births. Deaths.
164 / 3:22
Real life
Getting a family. A real family with real problems. Facing it, and the pain. The family grows stronger. Touching.
Teenagers. A gang.
165 / 3:23
Distant origin
Archaeology. Observation.
Challenging tradition with science. Truth. Galileo.
A civilized dinosaur.
166 / 3:24
Suddenly moved in space. Exchanged.
Losing the ship.
A paradise, but with no freedom.
167 / 3:25
Worst case scenario
An interactive story, seen with variations. Authorship.
A program with a trap.
168 / 3:26
A terrible enemy. An alliance with another terrible enemy.
Organic technology.
Telepathy. Premonitions.
Considering the option of never going home.
The 2 top officers disagreeing.

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