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Season 5

Number / Name Why I liked it
195 / 5:1
Black and white, very bad science fiction.
An endless night. Nothing. Darkness.
The captain hides. Depressed. Guilt ridden. Ready to sacrifice herself for her mistake.
Things that go bump in the night.
Deja vu. A chance to choose the other way.
One persons home, another persons dumping ground. Pollution.
Fighting progress to keep a job.
196 / 5:2
A very powerful child, of surprised parents. An innocent child of the enemy.
Suicide mission. Choosing death to save others.
Losing a child.
197 / 5:3
Extreme risk
Suicidal? Numb.
198 / 5:4
In the flesh
If the crew were home.
Training as impersonators.
If the gardener ran the whole company.
Diplomacy to avoid a war.
Dating an alien.
199 / 5:5
Once upon a time
Interactive fairy tale, also teaching science.
Hide death and disaster from children?
201 / 5:6
2 crewmembers, much older.
The ship hit by terrible disaster, most people dead. Survivors coming back to the crash site, to change history. "If I could do it again...". Bitter? Oh no!
A romance.
A wonderful slow motion image from a party.
Seeing oneself in the future.
203 / 5:7
Infinite regress
Split personality.
Visuals of a sick mind.
200 / 5:8
Nothing human
Prejudice? Or the truth?
Should knowledge gained unethically be deleted?
Is it okay to sacrifice a stranger, in order to save a friend?
The end justify the means?
202 / 5:9
Thirty days
Demoted. Imprisoned. But why? Time to think?
A submarine! A wonderful ocean.
Pollution. Politicians not listening to the scientists.
Finally realizing a childhood dream. Conflicting with fathers wishes.
When is it okay to interfere?
When does a friend turn into an enemy?
Doing something old, for new reasons.
Very fine.
204 / 5:10
A superior force, and a game of hide and seek.
Refugess, prejudice. Nazis and jews.
Intellectual verbal fights. Romance?
206 / 5:11
Latent image
Amnesia? Repressed memory.
The right to choose.
An impossible choice, with terrible consequences. Guilt, neurosis. Therapy. Philosophy.
The nature of life.
Good one.
207 / 5:12
Bride of Chaotica!
Bad SF, and if our crew were part of it.
A strange first contact.
205 / 5:13
Repression of feelings. Of love.
Fun with time - time slowing down.
2 persons, one who used to hunt all women, and one who early on learned not to love.
209 / 5:14
What a coincidence! Too good to be true. Most important wish fullfilled.
A shortcut home?
Euforia. Hallucination.
211 / 5:15
Dark frontier, part I
The diary of a lost family member. Personal flashback.
Losing a crewmember.
212 / 5:16
Dark frontier, part II
The community valuing individuality.
Meeting father again.
210 / 5:17
The disease
Romance. Forbidden. "They'll have to marry." Madly in love. Should there be an easy way out of a broken heart?
Generation ship.
The right to choose.
It's okay to disobey orders, sometimes.
213 / 5:18
Course: oblivion
A wedding. Personal vows. Honeymoon. Widower.
A new technology with unexpected consequences. Or?
A dead crewmember. More.
Okay. Let's just say we're discussing reality, identity, perception... Alternate reality thingie?
208 / 5:19
The fight
The physical laws deleted.
Hallucinations? Or glimpses of a different reality? Vision quest.
Afraid to let go, to face the unknown.
214 / 5:20
Think tank
Rubiks cube, almost.
Professional problem crunchers.
The price too high, but the need also very large.
Fighting intelligently.
The job should fit the potential, be challenging.
215 / 5:21
Therapy. Less anger.
Breakdown of a polluting ship - like a nuclear powerplant.
Ghosts. "Alien".
Getting your right through violence. There are better ways.
216 / 5:22
Someone to watch over me
Romance. Dating.
217 / 5:23
One of the captains ancestors very un-captain-like: uncoordinated, poor... Barred from space.
Is progress good? Bad?
Genealogy. Family anecdotes.
Self contained artificial biosphere.
History is distorted reality. Does it matter?
218 / 5:24
Flahsback? Fun with time? The crew before we saw them first time.
Recruited by a secretive group.
Mysterious and interesting.
219 / 5:25
An artificial intelligence, hurt. Doesn't know it's non-organic. And violent. Save it? Bad idea.
The good doctor possessed, and evil.
A soldier, unwilling to stop fighting. But once turned, willing to die to stop the war.
Intelligence means responsibility to think.
220 / 5:26
Another crew in the same situation. But decadent, disorderly.

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