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Season 4

Number / Name Why I liked it
169 / 4:1
Scorpion, part II
Going against direct orders.
Collective mind and individuality.
Liberating a "prisoner". Gaining a new crrewmember.
A fight. Friendship.
170 / 4:2
The gift
An unwilling refugee. No right to choose.
Psychokinetics. Development. Mind over matter. Mind without matter.
A crewmember leaving.
A long step closer to home.
172 / 4:3
Day of honor
Are traditions dead and stupid, or is there a point to them?
Worst day of my life.
Stranded in the middle of nowhere.
Facing death. Admitting love.
Sharing/giving replaces taking.
171 / 4:4
War. Brainwashed into being a good soldier, hating the enemy. Hate.
A language, subtly different.
173 / 4:5
Romance. Falling in love.
The doctor finds a soul mate.
Fear of germs. Of anything biological. Or hate?
Superiority. Insanity.
174 / 4:6
The raven
Relaxation. Imagination.
Flashbacks. To the childhood home. Regaining lost memories.
Everything was going so well, when suddenly...
175 / 4:7
Scientific method
Adolescent love.
A strange epidemic.
A spy.
Human guinea pigs. Is it worth it?
Rather dead then not free.
Really good.
176 / 4:8
Year of hell
Fun with time: changing the past.
Precision. Perfection.
Heavy damage to the ship.
The family stays together.
A blind crewmember.
177 / 4:9
Year of hell, part II
Accidentally killing a spouse.
Facing death.
It's easy to destroy, and hard to create/preserve.
178 / 4:10
Random thoughts
Violence, even violent thoughts, illegal. Curing violence, removing the violent thoughts. Can't be done.
Make something illegal, and a black market appears.
A murder investigation.
179 / 4:11
Concerning flight
Leonardo da Vinci in "America": high tech. Needing to understand.
The pupil surpassing the master.
Low tech saving the day. It is fascinating to fly.
180 / 4:12
Mortal coil
A dead crewmember. Revived.
Religious crisis.
Talking a suicide down.
182 / 4:13
Waking moments
Dreams. Nightmares. Some can't wake up. Lucid dreaming. A fight, fought in dreams. A communal dream.
181 / 4:14
Message in a bottle
A way to "write home"? To get home for some!
A prototype ship. With neat abilities.
Meeting the supposedly improved replacement.
Polite, obediant ... or not.
183 / 4:15
Mail home? A way home? News from home. Some of it bad.
Estranged father. A new, better family.
Hunting humans for sport.
184 / 4:16
Compassion. Not killing the enemy, when it can be avoided.
Letting a dangerous hunter go after a dangerous enemy.
No sacrifices.
Refusing to obey orders.
185 / 4:17
Repressed memory. Psychotherapy. Violated. But - is the memory true?
Falsely accused? Ruined.
Guilt. Learning from our mistakes.
186-187 / 4:18-19
The killing game
If our crew were in WW2.
A ship of peace and exploration now studying the art of hunting and killing.
A hunting species needing to change, or they will die.
If our crew were Klingon.
If a man mistakes a friend for an enemy.
188 / 4:20
Vis à vis
Career crisis. Love crisis.
A sort of possession. Everybody acting irresponsibly.
"Parking". Cute.
189 / 4:21
The omega directive
Dangerous science. Suppress it?
Striving for perfection.
Not doing it alone.
Something higher than P.D.!
Being a good boss.
190 / 4:22
Romance. Rekindled. Is it a given that the same 2 people will fall in love under all circumstances?
A society nobedy can leave. And secret.
The right to choose.
191 / 4:23
Living witness
How accurate is history? A museum. What if accuracy is inconvenient? Does it matter?
Skipping years. Rip van Winkle.
Accused of war crimes.
What stays big, even after centuries?
If the crew was evil.
192 / 4:24
Energy crisis. Low lights. Cramped space.
Impersonators. Without knowing it. Clones.
Life becoming aware.
193 / 4:25
Facing people, learning social skills.
Facing isolation. Hallucinating. Paranoia.
194 / 4:26
Hope and fear
Unlocking hidden information.
A shortcut home?
The "child" breaking away from the "parent".
Linguistic genius.
Getting a new family, fearing meeting it.
Revenge will fail.

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