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Quoth the FAQ

Q: The interactive version of TSODE was made for Mac. How can I get one for my PC?

A: One answer is: you can't. For some reason, MO or WEA didn't want to make this game available for PC owners. Another answer is: it exists, but I don't know where you can get it. Someone made a privately pressed CD, which should work for PC's.

Q. But can I play the Mac CD in my PC?

A. You can play the audio portion of the CD in your PC, just as with any other audio CD. The interactive multimedia track, however, works on a Macintosh only (see system requirements on the CD liner notes). The multimedia track consists of an interactive program and seven QuickTime movies. There are a few options open to PC owners for gaining access to this track. One is to try a Mac emulator, such as Executor (available from Coast archives, under \msdos\emulators). This _may_ allow you to actually run the interactive program (but the emulator must support System 7). Otherwise, you may be able to access the data track on the CD and run Apple's QuickTime Convertor on the QuickTime files. The convertor will "flatten" the movies so that they will be playable on Windows machines (using QuickTime for Windows). Failing that, you'll need to actually do the flattening on a Mac, then transfer the files to a PC (using ftp or a utility to read Mac disks on a Windows machine).

It's possible to see the videos under LINUX: You need the hfs-driver for the Apple file system. Get the newest version of this one at http://www-sccm.Stanford.EDU/~hargrove/HFS/. Then you can mount the CD and play the Movies for example with xanim. Get the newest version of this one at http://xanim.polter.net/. It's also possible to export the CD and mount it as a network drive for example under W95 and play the videos with QuickTime.

Some of the segments have been converted into RealVideo. You can find them at http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/4836/videos.htm.

Q: By the way: PC's are much better than Mac's.

A: Possibly, possibly not. But would you please keep this to your self, this subject has been discussed more times than I'd care to remember, and is not popular on the mailing list.

Credit / further technical assistance: Gary Wingert, XXXXX@XXXX.com, Jan Fricke, XXXXXX@XX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.de, Angel Ezquerra, XXXXXXXX@XXXXXXXXXX.XXX.es.

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