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Re: I got it!!!! (Don Tano)

Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 14:19:12 +0200
To: Lise Andreasen <XXX@XXX.dk>
From: Don Tano <XXXXXX@XXXXXXX.es>
Subject: Re: I got it!!!!

        Hello Lise

>This sounds so easy, I ought to try it for myself. So if you'd send me that
>8K program, and any instructions that go with it, I'd be happy.

        It is really easy. I send you the program converter attached to this

        1.- Get a copy of executor demo at www.ardi.com or some software
that let you read and import macintosh files.

        2.- If you have executor, copy the files from the folder that
contains the "The songs of distant earth" program (the files are called "C",
"m", "I", "H1","H2","H3" and so) to your Hard disk.

                To do this, click on the "hot-band" to the file icon (top
left). Then will appear the drives available in the band. Double Click on
the icon subtitled ":SODE". Drag the files called "H1",etc (their icon is a
ballon with the "?" sign) to your hard disk (at the hot-band).

        3.- That will make two files on your hard disk. For example, "H1"
will generate in your PC a file called "H1" and other called "%H1".

        4.- Run the "quicktime flattener" program (the one I'm sending to
you) typying: "qtflat /e h1 %h1 h1.mov". Then the program will make a
playable moovie called "h1.mov".

        5.- Run Windows and play it!.

ADDEMDUM: If you don't have the executor emulator but some other program
that lets you copy files from Mac CD, then do the same steps but in step 4
you should write "qtflat   ".
I mean, you should copy from the Mac CD the "data fork" and the "resource
fork" to your PC.

>(By the way, I'm not desperate to see the movie. I've seen the single parts
>on WSODE, which you might have heard of? But it would be nice to have a
>solution for those, who don't own this CD.)

        Well... I've heard something about that CD-rom but my philosophy was
"If the CD-rom can be read, then it should be playable"... AND IT IS!! :)

        If you have any other questions, don't doubt about asking it.

        73 de Don Tano (Some call me Pedro).

Attached file: http://www.ommadawn.dk/mou/tsode/qtflat.zip

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