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It works!!!!

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 10:47:08 +0200 (DFT)
From: Adam Marcin Skowronski <XXXXXXXX@XX.XX.XXX.pl>

To: Lise Andreasen <XXX@XXX.dk>
Subject: It works!!!!

It works. Yesterday, i made it during only six hours!
Thank you for instructions and program. 
I like TSODE animation but I like a few questions. 

> >        2.- If you have executor, copy the files from the folder that
> >contains the "The songs of distant earth" program (the files are called "C",
> >"m", "I", "H1","H2","H3" and so) to your Hard disk.
I solved all my problems with TSODE CD, but...
There _are_ files called H1, H2, H3, I on my CD, but I didn't find "C" 
and "m". There are files called "o", "MV" and many others.

> >                To do this, click on the "hot-band" to the file icon (top
> >left). Then will appear the drives available in the band. Double Click on
> >the icon subtitled ":SODE". Drag the files called "H1",etc (their icon is a
> >ballon with the "?" sign) to your hard disk (at the hot-band).
The files with animation are in hidden directory called Media on my CD, 
and my Executor Demo don't want to open this directory simply.
I solve that problem. I made Vlarge virtual Macintosh disk called tmp, 
run program to compression and slowly compressed files from directory media
In directory Media are helping files. In subdirectory Media/Old Media are 
files called H1, H2 etc. I packed these files. In subdirectory Media/New 
Media are files with animations too. I packed all except MV, because MV 
is very large, and demo version of Executor work only 10 minut, so I 
didn't packed MV, but coded in hqx file format. 
All archives I placed on virtual disk tmp.
After I unpacked all files to my hard disk and use QTFLAT.
If my CD is different of yours, maybe this piece of text will be useful 
for some other people, who has the same problem, as I had. 
I'm sorry for my poor English, but I didn't use it for year, and I use 
polish gramma rules to English. I hope, you'll understand me.

> >        5.- Run Windows and play it!.
OK. I have tsode. And I have still questions. 
What are the files, I found. 
I didn't see program TSODE on Mac, so I don't know, how should it works.
I heard, there are a few animations on CD. Which one. I know, MV is one 
of them. But I found animations, small, just like sailink through 
hibernaculum, and other, where plays Tubullar Bells Theme, and three 
animations with envelope of album and some informations. I don't know if 
I got all animations I should, so please, could you describe me simply 
main animations of TSODE. 
(I didn't found picture from envelope of album in any animation)
I'm thank you once again and I'm sorry, I give you so many question.

|TYTUS     Adam Skowronski                        | 
|PW EiTI   XXXXX@XXXXXXXXXXXXX.com                |
|7BOK      http://home.elka.pw.edu.pl/~askowron   |
\---- Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life! ----/       

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