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More on TSODE and PCs

Reply-To: "Gary Wingert" <XXXXX@XXXX.com>
To: <XXX@XXX.dk>

Subject: More on TSODE and PCs
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 21:32:31 -0800

Hejsa, Lis!

I have some new info on those with Windows PCs viewing the multimedia
content on TSODE.

If one has access to a Mac that also has Adobe Premier 4.2 installed,
the entire video and audio content can be disassembled and saved, down
to each individual video and audio component (like the sequence:  Enter
the bridge.  Click to move three feet forward.  Click again to move
three more feet.  Click again to move some more, watch the pod turn into
the "Captain"'s chair, then turn and sit in it).

Today I extracted the "Access Denied" and Tubular Theme ("cracked-code")
into AIFF files, ready for translation into any other audio format.

Someone who knows Macromedia Director and the Lingo programming language
fairly well could, in theory, "white room" (reverse-engineer without
actual code present) the entire multimedia experience, re-author it, and
create a completely playable disk for Windows.

A bonus with Premier is that the Mac QuickTime movies can be "flattened"
for PC play without having to have Apple's QuickTime Tools.

Cool, eh?  :)

Gary Wingert

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