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Re: CD-ROM... not emulable... perhaps playable

Date: Sat, 10 May 1997 15:45:58 +0200
To: Lise Andreasen <:XXX@XXX.dk>
From: Don Tano <XXXXXX@XXXXXXX.es>
Subject: Re: CD-ROM... not emulable... perhaps playable

        Hello Lise.

>>If you have some hexadecimal editor and it can join to programs (and
>>if you have not a Mac), GIVE ME IT ! 

>And I assume "cat file1 file2 >new.file" isn't enough?

        No... I realized I was going in a wrong way. I tried with "copy /b
file1 + file2 finalfile" and it didn't work. I tried joining the fork of a
movie from TSODE with a PC movie deleting the header (all movies begin with
"mdat"). I'VE TRIED ALL... and now, I realize that this kind of movies are
not in raw format but algorithm-compress format.

>Let me know whether you have any success with this. Have you tried
>searching the net for such utilities? If not, I might try looking for it.

        I've been looking for the "Quick time starter kit" that do that
exactly: converts the Mac moovies into "self contained moovies" that are
playable both on Mac and PC. The problem is that it is a commercial program
for Mac... I don't bet my money in buying a program which is possible not to
work with the Executor emulator.

        But here are good news: I've found two interesting programs... One
of them converts Quick Time moovies into animated Gif's!!!! <:O. The other
one converts the moovies in "self contained moovies". BOTH THEM DOESN'T WORK

        I send you the program that converts the moovies into gif's as an
attachment in this e-mail. It is in format .HQX for macintosh. What now we
need is someone who has a Mac and has TSODE CD. This program don't work
under executor since it needs the Quick time exetensions (executor 2 still
don't support that extensions). You can send him this little program (98K)
and he'll do the work of converting the moovies.

        The greater problem after all this simple process is that the owner
of the Mac will have an *.GIF of many megabytes (I suppose the GIF are not
compressed and the moovies are... The largest moovie of the disk is 15Mb so
the GIF could reach the glorious number of 25 Mb :( .

        Perhaps some day Executor will support Quick time (his programmers
seems to be doing that), so this simple process will be made at home.

        I'll send you all my available information.
               .-  --  .-  .-.  ---  -.-
           73 de Don Tano  XXXXXX@XXXXXXX.es
            EC1APT & EB1GVP (Diplomated EA)
            ..-.  ---  .-.   .  ...-  .  .-.

Attached program: http://www.ommadawn.dk/mou/tsode/smartdub.zip

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