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1: Beyond the sky

Plot / themes
  • 1944.
  • Russell Keys has an alien experience.
  • 1947.
  • A UFO crashes near Owen Crawford, "John" is hurt in the accident. Owen goes inside the UFO. Then he starts hunting for "John".
  • Russell and Kate have a baby, Jesse. And Russell meets the aliens again. He obsesses, and leaves his family.
  • Sally Clarke, married to Fred, meets "John". She already has kids, Tom (hates "Jonn") and Becky (likes "John"). Sally gives "John" an ear ring, then he leaves.
  • Crawford arrives too late. But later he gets an artifact instead, with writing. And marries Anne.
  • Humans react to aliens; many die, but Russell and Sally seem immune. Aliens can trick our eyes.

Plot in short
How we react to the strange/alien. Love and hate/indifference. How we fight against force. All very human and relevant.
Relevancy of plot
What would I do in their shoes?
Nice sense of mystery.
Plot is thought provoking
Except for the alien bit, fine.
Realism in plot

Keys is haunted. Crawford is a charming a**hole. "John" is gentle.
Believable characters

Touching characters
"You are the sun and the moon to me."
The voice over of the wise little girl is spooky.

A nice montage, where Russell, Owen and Sally watch the sky.
2nd time.
Already look forward to seeing it again. 7/10.

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