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4: Acid tests

Plot / themes
  • 1970.
  • Owen Crawford and his son, Eric (married to Julie, expecting a baby), gets tricked by Tom Clarke. Owen gets fired, Marty is promoted.
  • Archaeology. A tomb with a body and alien writing. Sam Crawford goes there. The body disappears. People fear the woods. Lots of mystery and danger. Turns out there's two local versions of Jacob Clarke here. But not just good and gentle as him. Weirdlooking. Dangerous. And one of them annoying. One has already been killed by his neighbors. Now it's time to finish the job - and brave Sam buys it too. Just after Eric gets there.
  • Jesse Keys is a drug addict. In rehab he meets Amelia. He was the perfect soldier, that couldn't be hurt because the aliens protect him.
  • Erics daughter Mary is born. The news of Sams death kills Owen. Eric inherits the artifact.
  • The aliens protected Jesse.

    • Plot in short
Good Clarke's die early. Aliens are in danger. Rotten family.
While Jesse finally finds something nice.
Things that go bump in the night. Fear.
Relevancy of plot

Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

Eric loves his father. Owen loves his son, Sam. Unfortunately, both loves are unrequieted.
Believable characters
Joy that Tom tricks Owen.
Touching characters



2nd time.
Feels like an episode from another series! One to keep - but only for the few arc bits. 7/10.

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