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10: Taken

Plot / themes
  • Allie will have to go with the aliens to survive - but she doesn't want to. So far Tom Clarke is there to help again. And see John again. John gives Allie the star earring. She also gets Lisas.
  • Mary Crawford and dr. Wakeman after Allie. They try to snap Allie again. But John stops them. This reveals, that Wakeman and Mary aren't doing this for the same reasons.
  • To avoid being found again, Allie turn off the signals from Lisas and her own head. And John leaves. Allie collapses. Mary guess where they are. Wakeman tries to warn them, so Mary shoots him.
  • A new attempt to keep Allie safe: get all UFO believers to come and surround her. Allie finally wakes up. Meets the crowd. Turns off their head implants. And then she stops running. A small fleet of UFOs arrive. And then Allie and the artifact is gone.
  • The aliens are scientists, learning about Earth. They discover feelings, they don't have themselves. An experiment to get those feelings, successful.

Plot in short
A little girl, not wanting to leave home.
Always asking questions.
Relevancy of plot
Will Allie be back some day? Will Lisa and Charlie stay together?
Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

John is a changed alien.
Believable characters
To see all those people to come running to protect Allie.
Touching characters


Nice cutting between John and Wakeman, explaining it all.
2nd time.

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