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3: High hopes

Plot / themes
  • Jacob Clarke uses his powers - and suffers. An alien warns him against using them again. Jacob seems to know the alfabet on the artifact.
  • Jesse Keys is taken again. He proceeds to seek out Russell, who's sick. He has a thing in his head. They both have - oops.
  • Owen Crawford might be looking for Jacob again - who's disappeared by Tom again. Instead Owen's found by Jesse. Yeah, a new experiment! The thing is removed from Russells head - it's alive - and makes people go berserk. Interesting - so they hide Jesse away. Ah - but the aliens have other plans.
  • Jacob seems to have run out of powers.
  • Anne threatens to become a security risk - so Owen shoots her. Jeez.
  • The aliens seem protective. They now take people for hours - abductions.

Plot in short
The state changing people's lives - and not caring one bit.
Relevancy of plot

Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

Jacob Clarke is wise, and his brother and sister are good, loving people. Father and son Keys try to help each. While the family is mostly a burden to Owen Crawford, who's helped by Howard and Marty instead - telling.
Believable characters
It hurts to see Owen lie so much to Anne.
Touching characters
"[Don't] do nothing." And the soldier decides to help Jesse.


2nd time.
Quite a lot of blood and violence. But still, interesting. 7/10.

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