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8: Dropping the dishes

Plot / themes
  • Allie Clarke, shielded, with Mary Crawford and dr. Wakeman. The plan is to un-shield her, and then everybody wait for the UFO. Except, Mary is removed, from the now military project and from Wakeman. But she finds her way back, bringing the artifact. When Allie sees the artifact, it comes alive with shimmering letters. And then, after a long wait, finally lights in the sky. A downed craft. Mary goes inside. Allie is concentrated.
  • Charlie Keys and Lisa Clarke drop back into time. With Allie gone, they start looking for her. Under hypnosis Lisa gets a lead. They get close, and then hit a road block. Then hire a hunter to help them get even closer.
  • The artifact gathers information.

Plot in short
A lot of atmosphere. Sorrow and fear. Waiting.
Relevancy of plot

Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

The close link between Lisa and Allie. And between Lisa and Charlie. Allie and the gentle soldier.
Soldiers who doubt the UFO story.
Believable characters
Lisa miss Allie.
Touching characters


A non-believing soldier always filmed from below.
Interesting view from inside a car doing 180°.
2nd time.
Very atmospheric. 7/10.

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