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7: God's equation

Plot / themes
  • Present day.
  • Charlie Keys is out interviewing abductees.
  • Allie Clarke is a very wise child, and people like her - and she's careful not to flaunt her powers. Her mother, Lisa, attend a therapy group for abductees. And here Charlie surfaces too. Lisa and Charlie discover they know each other - and why. Now they have to decide whether they want to be a family.
  • Dr. Wakeman and Mary Crawford have developed a way to block the signal from an implant. An opportunity to kidnap Allie. Except she runs. Demonstrating the power to freeze time as she goes.
  • The therapy group is taken hostage by one of the members. Charlie is shot. Allie comes running in. Then FBI/Mary arrives.
  • Eric wants Allie without further bloodshed. Mary just wants Allie. Furthermore, Eric discovers the relationship between Mary and Wakeman, and fires him. So Mary kills her father.
  • Allie can also make people see things. She can read minds. She heals Charlie. She talks them out of the hostage situation. And then she chooses to go with Mary. After vanishing the therapy group.

Plot in short
Classic "give the gangster what he wants" feeling. Doesn't happen that often to me...
Love between Lisa and Charlie. Love between Mary and Wakeman. Hate between Mary and Eric.
Relevancy of plot

Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

Allie is different. Like her parents, but also very different from them.
Believable characters

Touching characters
"Little girl, I like how your mind works." Double meaning.

The conception bit is shown a bit too much... (Yeah, porn!)
2nd time.
Exciting. 7/10.

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