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2: Jacob and Jesse

Plot / themes
  • 1953.
  • Jesse Keys is taken.
  • 1958.
  • The UFO is still a riddle to Owen Crawford. Experiment: try putting tele-whatever people inside it. And do it so Anne and the 2 sons, Sam and Eric, will get their Christmas day ruined... The son of Sally and "John", Jacob, has alien-like powers. Sally is a UFO believer, while Tom is a debunker.
  • Russell Keys on the move, trying to keep the aliens away from his son. But then he and Jesse are taken together. Russell then finds Jesse in the real world. Jesse is taken again, for days, while it's over for his father.
  • The experiment fails for Owen. To make it work, he goes looking for Jacob. Finds him. Leaves with him. But only because/while Jacob allows it. Even so, Jacob is sent away by Sally, for his protection. She gives him her ear ring.
  • The aliens experiment on humans.

Plot in short
Distant parents, affected children. Universal.
Relevancy of plot
The voice over adds another layer - I'll have to listen to it again.
Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

The Clarke family works. The Keys family is deeply hurt. And the Crawford family is just purely dysfunctional.
Believable characters
A joy to see Jacob scare Owen.
Anne Crawford, so alone.
Touching characters



2nd time.
A keeper. 7/10.

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