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5: Maintenance

Plot / themes
  • 1970.
  • Eric Crawford gets into his late father's project.
  • 1980.
  • Eric finally sees a live head-implant, thanks to a new cynical employee, dr. Wakeman.
  • Jacob Clarke comes home to say goodbye to his dying mother. He's married to Carol, with a daughter, Lisa. Jacob helps ease Sally's death, demonstrating his powers - and Tom turns 180°, from debunking.
  • Jesse Keys still gets taken. He has a son, Charlie.
  • Maybe his implant can be removed. Or maybe he can show up on the Crawford radar again... Eric also notices Toms new point of view, and contacts Becky. They end up kissing in front of a dead (almost) alien! Eric seems willing to begin a new life with Becky, but Becky is unwilling.
  • Wakeman discovers, that the implants give off signals. And wants to experiment on Jesse. Jesse escapes, fully, excreting the implant - but now little Charlie is on the run, from Crawford, and from aliens, who have taken him also.
  • Eric is in charge of moving the project across the country. En route the aliens choose to remove the evidence. And Tom is a witness.
  • The aliens are genetically close to us.

Plot in short
A chance to change ones life.
Relevancy of plot

Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot
Why would they move the UFO over the trucks, when it would be safer to have 2 routes?
The Clarkes are loving, gentle, fragile. The Crawfords are intelligent and SOBs. The Keys' are hunted, insecure.
Believable characters
That moment where Eric waits for Becky.
Touching characters



2nd time.
Very good - great climax. 7/10.

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