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9: John

Plot / themes
  • Mary Crawford, inside the UFO. Then a group of soldiers go in. They all see dead people. Nice - and not so nice. They get out, and the UFO leaves.
  • Charlie Keys and Lisa Clarke, still trying to get to Allie. The soldiers pick them up.
  • Allie tense. Then picked up by the UFO.
  • Mission over, everybody leaves. The military finds the artifact. A car with Lisa and Charlie.
  • Mary has an idea. They go back. The hoax is revealed. No UFO. Allie made a mass hallucination. And then she left in the car with her parents. She did it all to get rid of her "followers" - but she fears it won't work. Still: on the run again. Maybe burned out.
  • John comes for Allie. Defends her against creeps. Except Allie has her powers back, and can protect herself. John is shot. He comes with Allie and her parents.
  • There is a hypothesis, that Allie is stronger than the aliens. And that they will pick her up, now that she has demonstrated her powers.

Plot in short
It scares us to see our future, to see the choices we have to make clearly. Even more so at 9 years old.
Relevancy of plot

Plot is thought provoking

Realism in plot

The soldier, that was nice to Allie. The hunter. Truly sympathetic.
Believable characters

Touching characters
"I don't use the expression 'in the mix'." Snort.


2nd time.
Easy. 7/10.

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